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Morning, ya’ll. How has your week been? Mine has been....meh. My parents come tomorrow to visit which can swing either way in good or bad so I’m hoping it’s good. BUT I’m doing something fun tomorrow - making ornaments with a few girls in the morning. I haven’t done that in years. It was really nice to receive an invite to something like that.

Still haven’t heard from previous best friend who moved away months ago. She was pretty good at chatting and then just suddenly dropped off. I kept putting in effort in calling/texting to just keep getting voicemail and then I have decided to stop bc it makes me feel like a total idiot.

My brain keeps wanting to cling onto an ex that was never 100% present in the relationship now during the holidays. I stupidly texted him expecting a different person (I know) and then was reminded again how selfish and just... aloof he was. Dating is hard and I lack the effort to even try right now.


And then finally, FUCK entitlement of younger people straight out of college (not all of course) but we just hired a few youngsters and one was told to please remove her space heater bc it can short out all of our computers. She knew they weren’t allowed but tried to hide it. And stupidly left it on all weekend one time. Well, they finally told her to take it away and she slinked over to my cube and basically had therapy session with me about how ‘she can’t work in these conditions’ (the thermostat is at 70) and I think expected me to coddle her and agree with her that they are the enemy or something? So she immediately ordered an electric blanket - k? and complained this ENTIRE week about how uncomfortable she is in here. She is the only person who has done this. This is also a person who, when they started immediately asked to work from home every Friday ‘to be closer with her husband’.

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