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Fuck It Friday

Hello my amazing friends! Happpppppy New Year! I realized after getting back from vaca, I was so looking forward to today to say hellooooo to you guys and that I missed you! I just realized I’m definitely grateful for ya’ll and FFF because it’s such a fun, supportive community here.

How was your Christmas/New Years? Tell me some good/funny/crazy/weird stories!

Well, we headed down to the Keys to spend some time with relatives who also flew down from out of state to just basically throw our bodies onto the dock and get as much Vitamin D as we could while everyone got boooooozed up! I don’t drink bc I have thyroid issues so it was so fun when someone got super wasted, screamed in the middle of Christmas dinner and stomped away locking themselves in the bathroom. Sigh.


Let’s see what else, what else. I had to leave QuiQue with my roommate (who I’ve only known for six months and she NEVER comes out of her room) she kindly offered to watch him but several mornings, I panicked and woke up thinking he was dead so I asked her to send me photos of him which she nicely did.

So now it’s back to work but thank gawd for a weekend to finally get my shit together at home and try to drag my ass outside to do much needed exercise. I didn’t make any resolutions but whoo-boy did my annoying coworker! She busted in here yesterday an hour late claiming she had insomnia from her new keto diet (which - isn’t keto like cutting carbs? She loudly told everyone she has to have 50 carbs - but...anyhoo!). So she was extra loud and crabby and had to tell anyone who met eyes w/ her about her diet. Those who had to sit here over lunch yesterday had to hear all about it I heard but I noped out of there.

How are you all?

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