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Fuck It Friday

Friday, Friday Fridaaaaaaaaaaay! Am BEYOND ready for this weekend. Back at work so I have to actually do grow-up stuff again and make an effort to choose a decent pair of shoes instead of flip flops. The demands at work have - been pretty insane this week so I’m already tired and miss the holiday break.

Like Wed, I’m driving home at 6, and get a call from another office - can you change this image ASAP? Ummm, I am not in the office. They acted as though a million people were going to be looking at this website ALL. NIGHT. LONG. (they were not) so they had to wait until the morning (Gasp!).


Other than that, it’s been an unexpected week - a good one - because I did meet someone. However, I feel like the other shoe is going to drop at ANY time. I have had such bad luck with dating over the past 10 years that I don’t believe truly someone wants to stick with me. We knew each other 14 years ago and he FB friended me Friday. I knew that he was married so asked about that when we chatted but he said he got divorced - has two children. So we chatted for a little while and he asked to meet up after work Friday. I go, thinking nothing of it just to catch up. I did not expect him to be so handsome - it was at a wine bar and I don’t drink, so I had to tell him which is totally cool - but he offered to take me to a restaurant. Where we talked for a very long time - it was comfortable, casual, made each other laugh. Granted, in my head, I’m thinking the whole time, well this is nice but this will probably be the end anyways.

Fast forward to Sunday, and he’s in my house cooking for me and offering to teach me how to meal prep (because I am pretty cooking-meal-prep-challenged). I am so ... in shock I try to just be myself and keep thinking this is horrible bc it’s so nice - but it’s going to not last. Well, it’s Friday - a week into this and he’s seen me every day - mostly just coming over to cook and talk. He booked a date tomorrow at 3 to go horse back trail riding bc he knows I used to ride and can’t anymore bc I can’t afford it. But he leaves Sunday for a business two-week trip so I feel that is a good thing so we can have some breathing room and I can prepare if he does end it.

I just can’t enjoy it all fully - I know I should but my ex was so awful it’s making it hard for me right now. Sigh.


Sorry so long!

How was your week! What are your weekend plans?

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