Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

FUCK rude people. I was crossing the road the other day with PLENTY of space while a car was coming and he literally screamed at me outside his window that I was stupid for crossing in front of an oncoming car.

Bitch, pedestrians have the right of way!

Ugh, and I was already having a bad day.


So anyways, I tried to tell myself on that day - this will pass, this will pass but when you’re IN the shit storm - with work shit and then that, and working until 10 the night before without pay - I almost broke down.

On a positive note, the new guy I’m sort of seeing is off on business in Hawaii for two weeks which is giving us a chance to get to know each other more from afar - we did spend one week together and it was really great but since I’ve had the WORST luck with men in my past my brain keeps saying, “That shoe is about to drop!” But so far, while he’s been gone, he texts me when he wakes up and throughout the say - supports my work and the project I’ve been on saying a lot of positive feedback - tells me he misses me. I’m cautious but he has said some things like, “We need to get some pictures of us when we go out and do things.” Which makes me think - hmmm maybe he won’t dump me today. Okay. My brain is severely fucked from my past dating life.

I also have to remember during our first week he scheduled a horse trail ride for both of us just because he knew I loved horses. Which was like something out of space for me - it was beyond considerate.

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Here was my guy - he was a very sweet older paint. And the most important thing - QuiQue approves so far!

Tell me about your week! 

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