Well there’s not much you can do when the coworker who annoys you most is put on a project with you. There’s not much else you can do when her concept is chosen - but when that person is screaming, “YES!!!” and fist-pumping next to me during the conference call, there’s nothing I want to do more than tell my boss to NEVER put me on a project with her again. Like - ever. This is that coworker that - following our call - where we left at a reasonable hour at 5:30 - comes in two hours late the next day and comes into my cube whining that she just needed sleep after that long call and had to see her husband who she hadn’t spent time with in - oh three days. To which I should have said, “well I really needed time with my invisible husband and rest after leaving work at 5:30 - but hey, I was here at 8 sooooooo.”

I just can’t with coworkers who abuse the hell out of the system for special treatment. There are others in this office who have legit reasons like health things to need an hour or two but this girl does this ALL. THE. TIME. and her supervisor - beyond me - let’s her. So I honestly wouldn’t really care if she didn’t come in telling everyone the stupid reasons she needs that time off, especially the whole “I need to cuddle with my husband.” I don’t have a husband so I just nod and hope she leaves. That’s like I guess in my case if I called in and said I need to cuddle with QuiQue for two hours okay?! I HAD A LONG CONFERENCE CALL. Whatevs.

How was your week ya’ll? Weekend plans? I’m doing a 5K tomorrow (not running it all but I will attempt!) for the local hospital and then going to the airport to pick up him from the airport (I don’t know what to call him yet) from his business trip in Hawaii. It’s been two weeks and he has texted/called daily and yesterday sent a text saying, “I really love talking with you and watching you talk” which was after we facetimed and I am so damn awkward I just said “ :) “ but I’m kind of freaking out bc it’s been over three years since a guy has been so nice to me. He asked if he could cook with a chicken marinade he bought in Hawaii for me on Sunday. - Errm....


he told me yesterday to start booking riding lessons bc he knows I can’t afford it and that’s my Valentine’s gift - dear lord. I don’t know what to even think of getting him for that day - I have a very low budget - any ideas are welcomed! Tell me about how you’re doing!