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Fuck It Friday

EVERYTHING is breaking. Last weekend started off fine until the airport. I ran (and when I say I ran I walked VERY fast and jogged a little) a 5K with a few friends and then after had to go pick-up Hawaii 5-o from the airport. So I was like hooray but I am sweaty and gross but whocaresletsgo! So I pick him up and he has like some horrible bronchial sickness. His bag did not make it on his flight so we had to park and wait for another flight. When I was like ok let’s go get it - the car had DIED. The battery was like NOPE!


Ummm, so after flagging down multiple cars, someone was nice enough to jump the car. Drive home - and my entire AC/heating unit is broken. Done. Not starting.

QuiQue is like WTF is going on. I am like WTF is going on. Now I am extremely awkward bc I’m stammering about how uh- this has - umm - never happened before my place isn’t held together by termites holding hands I promise.

Luckily he doesn’t seem to care or notice and passes out for about 14 hours. In that time frame, I get hold of landlord and ask him to pls send people out - and as I’m on the phone QuiQue manages to push off a seriously heavy lamp downstairs which shatters into 133,529 pieces.


It’s now a week later and the AC/heater is still broken bc it turns out my landlord has been just sending people out all week to get quotes - not to actually you know - fix it. So today supposedly another person is coming to fix it. But he did add they may need to order a part which could take ANOTHER WEEK. Can I somehow ask for like a discount in my rent for 2 weeks with this BS? I had to buy a space heater for my bedroom.


Anyways, are you guys affected by the vortex? How has your week been?

Weekend plans?

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