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Fuck It Friday

Can I just start out by saying FUCK flaky McFlakersons? The guy I was seeing - the super, uber nice guy who was really (well seemed to be) really into me - has pulled back and gone from 0 to 60 to 0. I will say he’s going through a divorce so maybe that was a red flag I should have noped out of - but I will admit I’m really naive when it comes to signs like that. He sought me out, then went in HARD. I mean... it was of course - nice but cooking dinner, watching shows together, having long conversations, taking me fishing - was all but too good to be true - and it seems like it was!

So I spent Tuesday’s lunch bawling in my car at lunch because it hit me that day and I was feeling worthless and not good enough, all those feels.


Then, I felt better and told myself I am NOT going to let this make me sad. This was really unfair of him to maybe just want some comfort? I have no idea. He genuinely seemed to like me and care about me. Until I got the text that he scheduled a therapy appointment for himself and is unhappy with himself and who he is. Mk, therapy is good but... man. It felt nice while it lasted at least. Sigh. I haven’t heard from him in two days - he left some of his stuff at my place and I’m not gonna Waiting to Exhale burn it but it’s weird AF.

So that is my Fuck It - how are ya’ll doing? Is the polar vortex getting a little better? I have a 5K tomorrow that I am so not ready for but I’ll try my best!

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