Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

We made it! Praise be! I was thinking about what Fuck It I had today and really really REALLY wanted to say FUCK that guy who messed with my heart but I’m actually doing a hell of a lot better about it than I thought I would. He came over a few nights ago and essentially officially broke it off by saying he is divorcing and it’s going to get bad (but told me he was divorced in the beginning but that was my fault for not doing investigating). He also has two kids and said he started therapy and the therapist said he shouldn’t be with anyone at this time and that it’s not fair for me. To which I said that sounds good and healthy - but... what happened - and why did you ... want to date me for a month - was it just for some comfort thing? To which he got offended and said he really did care about me and just needed to sort this out on his own and that he has issues. Sooooo, I think in a way I want to believe it all for my peace of mind and not blame myself and think I’m awful and worthless and all of those things that fall on you when you’re rejected. You know those moments that hit when you’re alone, or waiting to fall asleep and just start thinking things like that.

Sooooo, fuck bad timing? Time is my only healer and I’m glad I have a few people in my life who have been wonderful through this.


Yech, sorry for venting about this over the last two weeks. Also in other fuck its -

FUCK competitive coworkers who continue to try to sneak onto jobs of mine and others. My boss who is cool as shit told me that she tried it again - this one super young, uber competitive coworker - sweetly asked another upper to essentially take a cool project I was put on. STEP. OFF. And then she comes over to me twirling her hair, asking how I’m doooooooing, how are my jooooooobs going.

How was your week going? Any weekend plans? 

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