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Fuck it Friday

Happy Friday! BUT It’s rent day ughhhhh. That’s fine - this week has been cray for a bunch of us at work bc it’s annual review time and people are stressing. I put in a lot of overtime last year w/out pay to finish up projects so I’m hoping that will pan out with something good for mine.

I haven’t heard from the guy who basically - I feel - used me for his own comfort for a month then took off, which is good for me to not sit and dwell and think I did something awful or I was just plain awful.


I did find a good therapist last week so I’m excited about that - but after the website said they take insurance she said they just stopped taking insurance so I’ll have to send the receipt in to get some $ reimbursed which seems like such a pain in the ass.

anyways how have your weeks been? Anything fun planned for the weekend? I’m hosting a ladies bowling night tomorrow which I’m excited about - I haven’t bowled in a while but I really like it. And I’m going to be dropping more money than I should tomorrow to do something fabulous to my hair as a treat. Happy Friday, ya’ll!

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