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OGM (typo and it stays) thank gawd this week is over. Two thorns in my side at work (coworkers) have tested me this week but I’m like, pick your battles - pick your battles - so I had to diplomatically basically talk to someone who tried to take credit for a few projects I did last year and spend a lot of unpaid overtime on. He was trying to be sneaky about it and I confronted him in a nice way which was uncomfortable of course but - ummm maybe don’t try to be so lazy and work a little harder and not take other people’s hard work credit?


Then another younger, newer coworker who is uber controlling and competitive (sigh) - we are on a group project and she’s trying to control instructions and people’s roles. So I had to ask my manager about role responsibilities that she was dictating to us (annnnnd shouldn’t be dictating anything) and manager was like, ‘wha? Yeah no’. Group projects are really hard when one person tries to be controlling and not trust others to share responsibilities. Choose your battles, TCIW.

But I am SO GLAD THE WEEKEND IS HEEEEEERE. I may make St. Patty day cupcakes Sunday - my friend made QuiQue a St. Patty day scarf so I took a few pics of him but he was hyper.

What are your plans for the weekend? How was your week?

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