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Happy Friday, ya’ll! While this week hasn’t been it’s usual weird, crazy-at-work, there were still a few fuck-its.

FUCK car payments - I have a lease that expires in Nov. and I drove waaaaay too much on this car so, I’m over my mileage allotted UGH. Now I don’t know if I can break my lease to them without having to buy another one of their cars.


Also fuck it to my HOA - they raised priced last month and haven’t fixed or repaved our roads which have many, many potholes. I’m definitely looking to move out of here once my lease ends in July.

On the brighter (let’s call it FUCK YEAH area) note,

I found out about Romwe online and their insanely low earring prices hence my earring post yesterday. I’m just hoping their quality is decent.

Oh and QuiQue learned how to take not one but both of my owl slippers downstairs while I was at work and hide them. This morning he brought one back upstairs to cuddle with/attack.

How was your week? Any FUCK ITS or FUCK YEAHs?

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