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Fuck It Friday

Happy Pre Cinco de Mayo, lovelies! And Happy FRIDAAAAAY!

Today we are supposed to have heavy rains which is not great because I have to take a three-hour drive down south to see family. So far this week has been kind of blah - but I will take blah over stress. But there are STILL some fuck-its. Soooo here we goooo!


FUCK unfair favoritism at work. I have a coworker who, after two months, demanded she needed to work from home ‘to be closer to her husband’ who is a pilot. So she has worked from home every Friday now for a year because of that reason. I have no partner, no husband, just QuiQue so I cannot say I need to stay home to be closer to my cat to justify it. I haven’t worked from home in about four months and asked my supervisor if I could today but she said no because I asked ‘too late’. She is fairly new. I feel like I need to talk to her about this and I’m not sure how to bring it up without my face looking ragey since I feel I have a totally unfair advantage.

I do prefer working at the office since I can focus better here so I wouldn’t be asking to do it regularly, just once in a blue moon. But I’d also like to know that should I want to do it weekly like others do, for whatever reason, it’s available. How has work been for you?

On the dating arena, I had a Bumble date with a very nice gentleman on Saturday. I was nervous as it was my official first online app date. We met at a sushi restaurant which offered this fun 12-course meal (one piece of different sushi per mini course) and the chef would explain what it was. So it was pretty fun and new. I don’t drink and we talked about that and he offered not to as well which was considerate but I also said he can if he wants as it’s totally fine with me. But it was sweet. We then walked around a lake downtown by the fountain and talked on a bench for a little while...until my COWORKER walked past us.


They started chatting which was super awkward bc I’m very private at work about my outside life. I didn’t really feel all that much spark but it was a genuinely nice evening. And it gives me hope that not all guys on those apps are terrible. Especially after the crazy Hawaii loco experience I had back in January.


Tell me about your week! What weekend plans do you have?

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