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Fuck It Friday

Good morning and Happy Friday, peeps! I would like to be this dog some time this weekend.

One of my coworkers is going to kindly teach me about eyebrows. Mine are really thin and I have very little hair so I’m hoping she can teach me how to make them appear a little more thick with her magic. I’m terrible at makeup and get overwhelmed when I go to Ulta and CVS at all of the choices. Whenever I do mine, I use a pencil and it ends up looking like as Michael K would say, “Sharpie chola brows” which I did in the 90's and I want to avoid that.


Have you guys ever used one of these before:

My shoulders and traps have been so tight lately bc I get tense at my desk and QuiQue won’t help (Thanks, QUI!). I saw this and am considering getting one but don’t really know how effective it is.


Also FUCK raising rent prices. My landlord is about to do it for my July renewal on the townhome I’m renting and his kitchen appliances are over 10 years old. I want to somehow negotiate getting a new microwave bc it’s falling apart and is now not white but yellow. Also the fridge/washer dryer are dinosaurs too. I know he won’t buy all new appliances but can I somehow negotiate that with his price hike?

How was your week, ya’ll?

Weekend plans?

The humidity in FL is now here and love bugs are ALL over my car and my hair is currently a frizz puff.


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