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Fuck It Friday

Woo! It’s here guys! My fuck-it - so remember crazy Hawaii guy that went from 0 to 60 back in January and lied to me about being divorced, basically moving into my house within 3 weeks and acting like he was sooooo in lurrrrvvv. (But then did disturbing shit like bringing a gun into my home - to show it off? - saying major red flag things about women like ‘I don’t work with women because they are inefficient’ - he also has a daughter - and bragging about being seriously mean to his ex wife) - well he JUST emailed me some BS basically trying to say he didn’t have any relationship with me - I am SURE to try to prove to his ex he’s not a major douchebag maybe for legal reasons to present to a lawyer bc maybe they are fighting in court? I don’t know really but it was out of the blue, totally random, and I haven’t heard from him in months so it makes no sense only that she’s letting him have it in court. He was stupid enough also to cc her and I LET. HIM. HAVE. IT. on my reply back to him with her on the email.


Phew! After all of those moments I let him get away with saying major bullshit, he just gave me a chance now to let me speak my mind. Luckily at work they have leftover cake from an event from yesterday so I’m enjoying a piece to try to relax. It felt good but I am still shaky. So FUCK psychos who gaslight.

I also wanted to thank everyone who gave me amazing cat food advice yesterday for QuiQue. I’m going to introduce a little wet as a treat each day. I wasn’t aware that cats had problems with kidney and dehydration either so that’s really good to know.

Tomorrow I organized a large trail ride for women in a support group and they are so excited - I’m hoping it doesn’t rain. :/


How was your day? Weekend plans?

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