Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Happy Friday, ya’ll! I can’t believe it’s almost June. How did this year fly by this fast already? We know it’s May still bc we still have the love bugs out in full force where I’m at but they have eased up a little and will fly off to wherever they go.

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(Not my car but my white car does look similar)

My fuck it of the week is annoying AF coworker - FUCK inconsiderate coworkers. The latest is she bought an under-her-desk elliptical cycle pedal machine thing. She claims she wants to use it now to lose weight. (K, why do you want to sweat in your work clothes at your desk, A.) The thing makes noise also and we sit in a corporate office with about 30 cubicles - think The Office and Office Space. So while we are working/on calls, you hear this whirring sound when she’s ‘working out’. Then she went on a rampage earlier this week when she was stressed from a project and (she never speaks at normal volume) loudly came over and said I wasn’t being aggressive enough in my emails (we are at the same level) and she’s known to be hyper competitive and aggressive. So I didn’t want to engage, and let her rant. Then told her the next day I will not be her substitute during our summer days off anymore. We pair up with one person during summer Fridays we have off. She pouted and asked why and while I’m not going to stoop to her level, I said because another girl and I work on other similar projects. Then she pretentiously said, “But she’s not a senior like us.” and I said that doesn’t matter. It’s a day off - and we are paired for back-up on projects and rarely have to even touch the other persons work - plus the girl is far more stable and enjoyable to work with than you. (Didn’t say last part). But glad I put up that boundary.


This is the person that comes in wearing a face mask if someone has an allergy or stomach ache because she is also a doctor and freely talks about not trusting vaccines, only crystals. And I sit riiiiiiiight next to her - we share a wall. Pray for me, ya’ll.

Guys, tell me your Memorial Day sale secrets! I am terrible at online shopping - horrible at finding deals/coupons and envy those who can.


How was your weekend? Weekend plans?


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