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Hey ya’ll! Happy Friday woo woo! How has your week been? It was a short week for us bc our place gave us Monday off so it’s been throwing everyone off but I can’t complain about that! (Also I found this flying fox rescue on Instagram @wingspawsnclaws in Australia and it is beyond adorable)

It has been hitting the 90s already with hiiiigh humidity. A lot of the girls including myself have entered the frizz-summer-zone now so we can’t enjoy our hair being free without it trying to turn into a tree on our heads.


Work Fucks: Fuck making work so freaking awful for others from annoying coworker who put in her under-the-desk elliptical machine. It’s loud. You are sighing while ‘working out’. And your loud AF bc you have no self-awareness when others are on calls.

Exercise Fucks: Fuck sugar cravings after I have a really good workout at the gym because I always ruin it by having something sweet and tasty like ice cream. :(

This weekend I have to clean ALL the things and look for a new place bc my landlord hiked up his place $200 more this year and it’s the property value is about $600 less than what he is even charging. Ugh.


Tell me about your week? The good - the bad - the fuck its!


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