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Happy Friday all! I won’t be able to make FFF bc I’m driving down to South FL for the weekend but wanted to introduce Ricky here, my Grandma’s new baby. She currently has a few bandaids bc he’s an ankle biter but so ssweet.

My FIF is people who use their dogs as breeding machines. There’s this lady on my FB who just announced her older female Golden is expecting now for the FOURTH year in a row. She tries to make us sound cute and awesome with some shitty designed graphic which shows the poor mother clearly exhausted. I feel like this is abusive 😡 and one persons already called her out in the comments saying please retire that poor dog. She just liked the comment.


Is there any way to ask some pet service to do a wellness check? I feel like this poor dog is just a money machine for this Uber Christian woman who posts those dumb

Life advice quote graphics with #blessed (can that word please fade into obscurity already?)

How has your week been? Weekend plans? What’s your FIF?

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