Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Happy Friday, ya’ll! Ummmm, so...I may be probably like - five years late? But I JUST discovered Facebook Marketplace. I’ve been trying to sell some stuff - unsuccessfully on Craigslist for the past three moths - NO MORE! Hello, Marketplace! I have totally fallen down the rabbit hole. It’s so convenient! To just message someone about that lamp and receive a response in hmmm four hours? Amazzzzze. But seriously - ugh to the person who got mad at me when I asked to drop the $200 price for their used coffee table that had stain I may be able to remove on one of the legs. That’s new-price furniture, dude. No.

FUCK grays also - I have naturally espresso-brown hair and it has grown pretty fast in the last two months (Thank you, Biotin pills!) bc it’s usually snail-paced growing. But I’m in my late thirties and my genetics have blessed me with more grays, especially around the face because OFCOURSE. So when I head to get some highlight/toner work done with my stylist, the grays WILL.NOT.GRAB.COLOR/TONER. It’s like they are different texture, thinner and just shitty, rebel hairs. Even when I blow dry my hair out, almost 10 always just look like I stuck my finger into an electric socket sticking out of my head.


Tell me about your week! What’s the plan for the weekend?

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