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Hey ya’ll! The only thing I want to do after today is fill up a bucket of hot AF water with epsom salt and some nice smelling oil or soap and soak my feet for like 8 hours. We had a conference this week (not for our marketing team but for the sales peeps who flew in from all over) but we were allowed to take part in some of the sessions and holy HELL I do not know how some of the women do it in their heels having to stand, present, walk to next sessions, from 7am - 9pm. Then there are the cheesy AF themed parties like the “white party” where everyone wears white.


And when the company is spending $5k a head for about oh 1,500 people with free top-shelf alcohol, free schmoozy hotel room for a week, you know some good *cough* bad decisions will be made. Next week we will hear all about how it went.

Anyhoo, so on the homefront, epic EPIC fail on a fridge/stove delivery last weekend + giving my new roommate an absolute heart attack. My landlord decided to be the total opposite of his normal self and decided to bring Christmas in July with a new appliance stainless steel package (I think he found a good deal at Lowes July 4 holiday) and then set up a few weekends for delivery. Ok cool! Thanks bc the handle of the 15+ year old microwave literally fell OFF two weeks ago. So the delivery guys had scheduled to come two days ago - Wednesday at 8am. Dudes showed up LAST SATURDAY NIGHT AT TEN AT NIGHT.

The exact same day my new roommate who was already frazzled moved in trying to sort out her stuff and has anxiety as it is. I’m at a dinner downtown and she calls me frantic, “Um, um, TCIW - there are - um some men here - with like a fridge? And a stove? And they are taking apart your patio door to move it in?” First thought - are you okay, did they show you papers? Yes, they did. Okay, second, did you put Qui in my room pls - ok ok. On my way. **Races down highway leaves nice dinner infuriated**


Dudes have LEFT by the time I arrive. Did not leave paperwork. Did not have her sign anything. LEFT THE STOVE NOT HOOKED UP IN MY DINING ROOM JUST SITTING THERE. Shoved the fridge in it’s place did not hook it up or hook up water. Next day, landlord and I are at Lowes with manager asking them WTF happened. Ah, almost forgot the best part. The guys dented the stove top, and scratched the corners of the fridge. So Lowes profusely apologizes, is sending new appliances to replaced these damaged ones that landlord kindly purchased brand new and they are coming tomorrow (fingers crossed) and I will thankfully be there so my roommate doesn’t have to go through that again. I was so apologetic to her and bought her a huge breakfast day after bc I know she’s in transition with the move and I went full Mama Bear having them in the place without me while she had no idea what to do. Sooooo, anyhooo,


Tell me about your week! Weekend plans!?

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