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Fuck It Friday

Happy Friday, ya’ll! It’s here, it’s here! Oh my god, Kinja did NOT let me post my FIF last week. It would think and think and think and Error! Thanks, Kinja!

Anyhow, SO, there is a possibility that I may be meeting a new man I have been chatting with in person for the first time from a dating app in two weeks and I am VERY nervous after the nightmare that happened back in January with Hawaii-asshole, secret women-hater Joe. I am VERY scared something like that may happen again or that I am a magnet for secret men who want to just have a month of fun then throw me away.


Back story real quick - we matched on Tinder - an app that I just swipe on for fun every blue moon. He had been in my town for job interviews which he landed hence the reason I may meet him soon bc he’s moving to town for a new job at a hospital. We matched back in April (I haven’t mentioned bc I have been honestly scared to out loud bc of what happened prior with the other guy) and have been texting/talking almost daily since end of April until now. It’s mostly been very much getting to know one another, nothing sexual. Some light flirting but no pressure about relationship or anything of that sort. And by now, we talk daily just very comfortably - I was slow to be myself bc of the other situation but now feel comfortable being silly, and open. He has a great sense of humor, is pretty smart and I feel like we get along great.

He’s currently in Europe on vacation with his Mom before his job starts (his father passed when he was young) and has been sending me photos from out there and updates, etc. Soooo, in my head, my brain says well he’ll most likely meet you, then take off and ghost you after a month like the other one did. But this is where the nerves come in. I’d like to try to think more positively but I feel like he’s someone a lot of women would be attracted to for several reasons and I almost feel....unworthy? But my other side tries to hammer my self-worth back in place and say TCIW, stop it. You do deserve someone good. Anyways, sorry this is long.

How was your week? Weekend plans? Missed ya’ll!

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