Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Let’s see if Kinja let’s me post this time lol! Finally this week is almost done. Ugh. I was put on a massive project with another department (for whatever reason it wasn’t disclosed to me - but job security!) Turns out it became a massive cluster with two leadership people not communicating so anything myself and the other two designers did kept being told - do this - why did you do that? Who told you to do that? Go back to how it was from the start. No add that color again. Who is giving direction? From BOTH of these people who could not just have you know - a meeting - to figure their shit out FIRST and then delegate to us. So we wasted HOURS of work this week because of their incompetence and not being able to do your basic must at a job - communicate. SMH. They did it so much to the point that the one jerk told the two other designers they could not take their much-deserved day off today as they had planned two weeks ago bc ‘it’s too busy’. Well it’s ‘too busy’ sir because you couldn’t get your shit together all week and now they have to suffer. One had a fun water park day planned with his wife today and he’s been busting ass all year so he was so looking forward to it. When he walked over to tell me I could see veins in his forehead through a clenched jaw. FUCK people like that who’s own damn incompetence makes others who are efficient as fuck suffer. I made sure to hand over all my deliverables yesterday but told him I could shoot in today at any time and he like extended his arm and said, “NO TCIW - please go enjoy the day - it’s not your manager it’s mine” which is true but still. UGH.


Anyways, we FINALLY had success in getting our freaking new washing machine delivered after four attempts in which the delivery vendor just showed up at whatever the hell time they wanted and then kept calling me at work saying “uh we are here and no one’s home” Well, let’s see. OF COURSE NO ONE IS HOME because we scheduled a week prior between 4-6 and you showed up at 11. This happened no joke THREE times. I called the main number and they were like ‘uh, uh, we don’t know why he went at the wrong time it’s another vendor we work with.’ JFC it’s really that hard to get that together???

Aaaaand lastly, I finally figured out where to go on the first vacation of the year after feeling totally burned out now. I’m joining my cousin in Estthhhhpaña Or Spain! I’m headed to meet her in Valencia so if anyone has visited there please please give me tips!

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

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