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Good morning, y’all! Are you there with me with getting this weekend started with ending the work week? Our univ. near us (I think it’s the largest in the nation this year?? Masssssive) is awaiting kids moving into the dorms this week/weekend for classes to start next week so I’ve seen multiple FB posts about incoming traffic. I really don’t get that bc weekend traffic is always crappy in our area so chill out peeps. And it’s exciting for them! I remember that week and I was a total ball of nerves. They paired me with a nice girl from another state who moved from across the country I think on her parents suggestion bc she cried daily and haaaaaaated Florida. I suggested going to the beach one day to her screaming back, “I HATE BEACHES!” I tried to just stay in my corner and she ended up leaving after two months. :(

Did you guys have an interesting first semester at college? Any roommate stories? I moved from high school overseas in Argentina to the states and was shocked - SHOCKED at how some of the people drank in our dorm - more just confusion bc I hadn’t seen that. Over there, they can drink really around 17 and don’t tend to binge drink bc it’s not restricted so I never saw that kind of drinking and was so confused when some guys would be passed out in our hallway next morning.


Other than that, just getting ready for first vacation of the year next weekend woop! I got my travel pack in the mail and my coworker is sure I will knock someone out on the plane. I assured her I will have it flattened going over but there is no guarantees coming back with goodies. I am off to Spain to eat and eat and eat and eat.

How was your week? Weekend plans?

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