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Fuck It Friday

I have some fucks.

I am the only admin staff left for this entire floor this afternoon. The admin to the director had a planned day off. My boss went home early, and so did my colleague. On the day before a holiday weekend which, in my line of work, means tons of last minute filings being submitted and last minute responses being issued. And I’m the only one here to handle it.

Before he left, my coworker passed off a document that just needed to be mailed once the higher up approved it. I got the approval 30 minutes after last mail pickup, and noticed a large error. I was a was able to flag the mail guy for an extension, fixed the error, got it approved again by higher up, printed the document, made copies, stuffed and stamped the envelopes, and handed it off to mail guy. I then was just proceeding to email a copy to the parties, and I noticed a second large error. Ahhhhhhhhhh. I quickly pulled all the copies, fixed the error, bypassing the higher up this time (shhhhhh) and got it resent.


Plus, the phone is constantly ringing, as I have 3 separate people forwarding to me, I have not been able to do a single task that I had planned for today, this is the deadline for people to submit additional documentation for their files before they get reviewed so I am dealing with that.

And, just as icing on this fucking fantastic day, I got word that the rehab facility has concluded my dad is getting worse, not better, and are sending him back to the hospital. Fuck It. Fuck Everything. 

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