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Fuck It Friday

Hola! How are ya’ll? I spent the last week and a half over in Spain woo woo! Came back with a nice cold too that I picked up on the plane I think but all good! Hurrican Dorian pretty much screwed me out of rescheduling my flight and then having to pay extra for two days I lost with it but I was like NOTHING WILL STOP THIS VACATION! Since it was the first I’ve had all year, and I was in desperate need of decompression from work burnout. But I managed to fly over there finally and meet my Swedish cousin over in Valencia, Spain. The people were lovely, food was lovely, and we must have walked about 15 miles per day. One of my sandals broke, and around day 4, I had to soak my feet in the tub because the bottoms of my feet had visible bruising. I just am not use to walking that much on a regular basis so my feet were like WTF is happening?! Lots of stairs and hills, etc. She and I rented a cute little FIAT which I assumed was automatic (since it’s mostly manual out there) and when I grabbed the shift to put into D, um there was no D. There was R, there was N, there was no D. I was like, Kristina, Google how TF to get this thing to drive bc they are watching us before they take this care away from us! So she figured it out and it kind of SHOT out of the garage but okay! We got it going! Still, the car kept shifting from automatic to manual (without clutch) so she kept having to switch gears for me as I drove - was so weird but we did not break the car so SUCCESS! We drove out to the country to the castle they filmed Meereen at in Game of Thrones which was breathtaking sitting on the water - the pics do not do it justice. Then drove out next day to ride some horses in the mountains. Overall, it was good! Hiccups and all! Glad to be back in my bed and with QUI and was much needed time off.

Tell me about your week! Weekend plans?


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