Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Fuck It Friday

It’s Friiiiiidaaaaaay FINALLLLLLY! How are ya’ll doing?

I just have to say - going on vacation abroad with a 6-hour shift in time was smooth sailing with the jet lat. Totally fine - and then - coming BACK! Jet lag is SO real - and I was like nah! It was FINE adjusting to 6-hours ahead. Coming back, reversing that 6 hours? NOPE! My body was like WHATISHAPPENINGIHATEYOU. Throw in a nice virus I picked up on the plane added to the mix and I was practically catatonic on my couch for a good two days sleeping maybe 16 hours. I am terrible with telling myself to go to sleep normally and keep my brain up watching things instead of letting it shut down, so my brain was like YES! SLEEP! SLEEP FOREVERRRRRR! But that virus also hit me hard. And it was like a truck. On my flight back, it was almost empty so I’m so glad my row was empty and I passed out full body along the seats with my blanket and mini pillow and I believe I did snore. I felt bad about my flight mates near me. One guy moved and I don’t blame him.


On my way back, I did stop at a mini grocery store Paris had in their airport which was really cute I thought. They had a mini pet section and I saw tiny cat (chat?) wet foods with a photo of a French cat that looked like QuiQue so naturally I paid 10 Euros for two and threw them in my giant travel pack. Upon returning, I was like Qui! Look what Mama got for you straight from Paris! Naturally he sniffed it and walked away. Qui is an alley cat through and through - bring on the cheap food, the dirt, and that cat is happy as a clam! In honor of adorable French cats, I bring you one of my favorite cat videos of all time:

Anyhoo, trip was wonderful but I am glad to be back with Qui!

How was your week? Any weekend plans? 

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