Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Happy first week of October ya’ll. So I saw a meme this week that summed up a lot of what’s been going on for me this week and it said, “Ghosted in October? How festive.” So a guy I had been off and on seeing for oh about four years now (who lives an hour and a half away) basically ghosted me. We were also very close friends so it also makes me very sad. He was supposed to come last week to visit and hang out after I got back from Spain. Around 5pm I asked for his ETA and he doesn’t respond for three hours. And around 8pm he texts, “Sry maintenance guy arrived stayed too late.” Which was never told to me he had a maintenance appointment. Then Sunday he was supposed to come again and he again does the silent treatment when I’m needing his ETA and he’s “Halfway there.” Then ten minutes later texts “Sry turning around. Falling asleep at the wheel.” (It was 9pm) He’s 37. Not 82.


Sooooo, anyhow I’m just mentally drained from that person and then had a totally new date from Bumble last night who at 10am texts, “I’m just really not feeling like going out tonight. Not really looking to date.” I told him that’s okay but he probably shouldn’t be on a dating site then. We haven’t even really talked so I know it’s not something I said - thought about that. He oddly then told me he may go to an art event.

Well, other than that, our work group chose the theme Emporium, so I am going to have a little Menagerie of Mystical Creature theme in my cube. Not sure about what I should wear though but I’ll have to think more on that this weekend and about how to decorate my cube. I was thinking of getting cheap Halloween bird cages and creepy but cute critters to hang from the ceiling like mini owls?

If anyone has any other ideas that would be cute/original I appreciate it!

How was your week? Any weekend plans? 

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