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Welcome To The Bitchery

FUCK secret squirrel layoffs. My company just let go 250 people yesterday. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY. People started getting called into HR at 9am and left in tears. Some had been at the office for over 20 years, some only seven months. It was completely random. It was not my time yesterday but it might be in a few years. Going into a giant corporation - this is always a possibility sadly. Sigh. They do give them packages however which isn’t much still. There was so much anger, rage, sadness, and grief and there will be today again. The shouldn’t have asked us to come in today bc barely any work will get done. Someone told me they do this on a Thursday for a reason each time it happens with large companies. So that was my first FUCK IT.

Second was meeting random dude I’ve been talking to for a few months online for the first time was SO awkward because hi! *Waves* I’m so weird and awkward and the first time we met last Friday was me offering to loan him my guest bed IKEA small futon mattress. UGH. He moved last week around Monday and really had nothing, some of his furniture still had not arrived and he was sleeping on the bare floor carpet in his room. I could...not hear that and know I had an extra mattress and not offer. So I did. And that convo was really weird and he even said we are weird and I agreed and it was 9pm. But I said look fuck it. Your car is too small to fit it into, I can fit it into mine, so just pass me your address and I’ll drive it over.


So first meeting was in his 6th level parking garage at night - that doesn’t look shady or anything. In the rush and weirdness, I had been planting herbs earlier and grabbed the small mint plant to give him as a welcome gift. So after giving him a big hug and weird laughter happened, we carried the mattress to his room, he showed me his place which was a total move in mess as it should be with a move to a new city. I didn’t want to linger to make him feel uncomfortable, so I told him his place was going to look great, etc, etc, and then he walked me back to the parking garage, where I immediately remembered the plant so I kind of awkwardly said, “Oh yeah! I got you this!” and like shoved it at him. He stared at it so awkwardly and thanked me for it and said, “Oh great, something I have to take care of!” sarcastically, laughed and then said no it’s very nice thank you.

On my way driving back home I realized, ‘oh my god, TCIW. You gave him a LOVE FERN!’ That was NOT my intention UGHHHHHHHH. Oh well!

I’m happy we are friends and I was able to do something nice for someone. If this doesn’t pan out, fine but wow what a weird first meeting!!

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