Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It’s heeeeeeeere finally! Let’s do this! First of all, obligatory bc it’s amazing:

How was your week? We had the shitty aftershocks of so many layoffs. It was also shitty because we saw some extremely loyal workers here many years laid off while we have other new ones who slack off weekly, come in late, leave early (right out of school), on Facebook all day, just shit work ethic and they remained. So there’s a lot of just sadness mixed in with bitterness in here right now. We are trying to get Halloween going but the wind has kind of been taken out of the sails.


So since our theme was chosen as “Emporium” lots of us didn’t really get it. So some are doing stuff like tarot card reader in their cube, potion master, one is a broom maker, one is a voodoo person, it’s a total cluster let me tell you. It’s the most mish-mash of themes bahaha. I am “A’s Menagerie of Mystical Creatures” Basically a magical forest-land of creatures in my cube who are weird and beautiful but have been rejected by society for being strange. Like Fantastic Beast-ish creatures but in miniature. So I will hang spanish moss from ceiling with bird cages with my creatures printed and put inside and all over. Any ideas for the ground/over desk are welcome! I will dress as a bird lady with peacock feathers to immerse myself into the weirdness. :)

I have a semi-date tomorrow. Man I’ve been chatting with since April just moved to town and we had first meeting Monday at dinner. He wore a black shirt with tiny ghosts and I thought that was adorable. Very intelligent, fast talker, overall funny, kind and and awesome to talk to. He asked me to a concert tomorrow and I’m excited. No expectations bc I’ve been run over a few times by guys turning out to be narcissists, ghosters, secret women-haters, so I am being super careful and not really seeing his inviting me out as a date bc I am terrified of getting hurt. He may just want a friend right now, so I have to keep that in mind and will not have ‘the talk’ with him bc I truly enjoy his company and want to let whatever happens evolve naturally even if it doesn’t. That way I won’t feel too awful if he rejects me thinking I put pressure on him etc.

Anyhoo, tell me about your week!

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