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Fuck It Friday

TGIF, everyone! Also what TF is happening to our Groupthink? Is it shutting down? We are moving to Reddit? Apologies I am just catching up now. What the faaaaaaaaaaack! This cannot be! This place has been incredible for myself and I know many others for yearsssssss. I love this little corner of the net! So FUCK THAT! (If it’s happening)

Anyways, FUCK assholes in big ass pickup trucks (yay, Florida!) who love being complete dicks when we aren’t going 40 miles over the speed limit that they need everyone to do (WHY is it always giant pickups that do this?! Oh right, they are above the law in there oh-so-massive gas guzzlers) so they ride your ass thinking their stupid big truck will scare everyone. I will slam my breaks on, assface and it will not be my fault when you hit me for riding 5" from my bumper. Dick.


Also fuck passive aggressive coworkers. There is one on our team who I believe truly just hates me. I have never given her a reason bc I barely talk to her. But she makes it a point to walk to every person’s cube, and ask them if they are having lunch in the cafe. Except for me. It’s like a daily thing. And she’s loud about it. The days I’ve said fuck it, and joined them bc I’ve been here longer than she has, she makes an excuse to not lunch with everyone (I assume bc I am there). She’s spectacularly passive about it to. If she starts a group conversation and I join, she sits back down and turns around. And when I leave for the day, say good by to everyone, she hears me and doesn’t say a peep. Every. Single. Day. Ridic.

Anyhoo, what are the weekend plans? How was the week? :) Missed you lovelies!

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