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Fuck It Friday

Hello and TGIF! First of all FUCK tension in the body. Do you ever have days where like your whole shoulders are just like rocks? And they slowly got to that point over the course of like a week and now I cannot un-rock them.

A massage is something I’m considering. But it’s not something that I’m too happy to spend $80 on if I can somehow de-rock them on my own. FUCK stress tension ugh!


Also, how do you handle over-achievers at work that try to be snakes in the grass about stuff? We have one (who is right out of school, 8 months into the job) and tries to slowly get into senior level projects. She also tries to take on leadership roles and is hyper-competitive. I was on a project with her for the first time last week and she basically bashed my concept to the boss after the client preferred mine over hers. Ummm, happens to us ALL the time. Rejection happens. We move on. She couldn’t handle it. So she tried to basically use corporate-speak to convince client AND boss that hers was more appropriate and trash mine. I mentioned this to my boss who is anti-drama and just said to ‘ignore it’. But ummm working with her is hard to do that bc her ego is a bit out of control and can’t handle rejection well. So, any thoughts on riding it out with a person like this? Any experiences like this?

Another fuck it was the guy I was talking to for ummm hmmm ohhh five-ish months over chat who just moved here (after 2 person dates) mentioned he’s poly and that means we aren’t compatible. Ummm okay, so I don’t really know what that means. I had to look it up. And second, why didn’t you think to maybe tell me this like the first month we were talking??? I don’t really understand it still bc my brain goes to something like Big Love and how no one really wants to be sharing or not have 100% attention/love from one person, who’s giving it to others? Sigh. I just wish he’d have been more forthcoming and honest about that from the get go.

It was my birthday yesterday on a good note, I had creme brule, ice cream, and cheesecake #noshame. :) 

How was your week? Weekend plans?

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