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Fuck It Friday

Happy Post-Turkey ya’ll! How was the time good, bad, weird, awkward, ugly?

K, a few updates and I’ll start with dating. So man who I talked to for five months who just moved here for a job and told me he wants to explore poly keeps talking to me. I guess as his buddy/new friend? I don’t know what but it’s daily. And honestly just as if we were dating? Just no flirting or sexual stuff so totally platonic which is weird. And I’m not a confrontational person at all but when he told me that I was like errrrr why didn’t you tell me this MONTHS ago and why are we still talking bc he knows I’m monogamy only and didn’t know what part about him so my negative side is like ok he’s being totally selfish and just maybe lonely and wanted just a friend this entire time but I mean, to me and maybe I’m old school when a man talks for that long daily to me, I assume he’s into me. Errrr not the case I guess - then I went to - dude why did ya waste our time knowing this - then he shared some things ‘he’s never shared with any ex girlfriends’ one night when we were hanging out at his place. Ok...why? If you want ...not me lol. He took me to a basketball game, a concert, paid for both, said “I love hanging out with you!” after each time... sigh. Aaaaand I liked him. Like him. So it sucks.


Anyhoo, and then work shizzz - new boss (I say new but been here a year) who on her year anniversary asked all of her team to send her award points to our online store. (tacky?) and is now undermining me on meetings saying stuff to tear my concepts apart during the calls and not before the calls? She also has taken our star suck-up young designer under her wing and has been secretly submitting some of her projects to competitions which other designers on our team would absolutely have loved to do so as well. So...shady shit and that was never our culture before so that sucks and I may be looking come new year.

On a cool note, I have a *drumroll* falconry lesson soon! I love birds and am really excited to get to know the birds and the place is not too far from my house which is really cool in a gorgeous field.

How was your week? Thanksgiving?

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