Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Good morning! Well this Friday came on pretty fast fortunately. It was our first week back at work and there weren’t too many annoying moments. Entitled younger designer took a day to work from home and then took the next day to ‘run and errand’ and ended up staying at home to work from home. She never works a full week in the office. So we are just waiting to see what happens bc she seems to never have anything to do while we all are busting ass on 5+ projects at a time.

How was your week? Anything going on for the weekend?

I think I will try to do some meal prep stuff on Saturday and deep clean my room which really needs it. I started watching the Mandolorian and as someone who knows nothing about Star Wars, I’m really enjoying it. Especially The Child who is so cute I audibly gasped when his sweet face took up my entire screen and then his bond with the Mandolorian is beyond adorable. (The Mandolorian is also super hot).


All quiet on the dating front. Crickets. I had to Google ‘Friend Zone’ bc someone mentioned the app guy who talked to me for MONTHS who hasn’t been that talkative lately friend zoned me and I was like huh? What the fuck does that mean? We are in zones?? So that’s ok. I’m trying to fill my time with fun activities. I’d like to do some shark diving next month. Still try to ride once a week and going to try to start jogging again at the gym bc I like feeling my legs get stronger and it helps with clearing my head and getting all the crap out. That and figure out some of the machines that intimidate the hell out of me.

Anyhoo, what’s going on with you?

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