Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It’s here! FINALLY! The weather is actually starting to cool down again - I think it’s supposed to be around 60 today. Break out the scarves and jackets! (I know, ridiculous but it has been unexpectedly hot this winter in Florida so we welcome this change before it becomes a steam room again).

So kind of? a fuck it? More of a WTF? So I order a cake from my local grocery store who does badass cakes for a birthday at work. Ummm so I order from the book they have and what I got was so off I kind of stared at the lady when she gave it to me, kind of waiting for an explanation awkwardly but we just had a staring contest and then I realized she doesn’t see anything wrong so I kind of just carted away. Here are the cakes:

Illustration for article titled Fuck It Friday

It was still tasty but everyone’s mouth was blue. And the waves looked like not soft cloud puffs but worms lol. Total cake fail. Someone said it looked more like a cake BP would order for an oil spill meeting than a nice mermaid cake.

MK THEN! Fuck it! How was your week? Weekend plans?


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