Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Holy crap it’s finally here! Okay FUCK annoying dramatic and hypocritical peeps. I had to do a friend cleanse this year bc one girl was just being .... off. Who was supposed to be a friend. She loves to give people advice and kind of never...takes her own advice? One of those. And it always rubbed me the wrong way bc if I talked about anything she would like put stuff down. A guy didn’t like me? I ALWAYS THOUGHT HE WAS GAY. MMmmmk??? I WAS SO WORRIED FOR YOU. K, uhhh you’re single too. You’re a grown up so I’m not gonna ‘be so worried for you’ because you talked to a dude who didn’t like you. So she’d do this weird gaslight thing also sometimes making me think I was crazy to stir up emotions that didn’t need to be stirred up. But she’s a nurse P. so she always used that platform that since she’s super intelligent she was right about her advice even though it always left me feeling like shit somehow. SO. I CUT HER OFF. DONE. BYE. Project your shit on someone else. That isn’t a friend either.


Back in the day god I would have let that drag on FOREVER. I’m able to somehow see clarity with people who do this. Now I just have to figure out how to navigate rejection from men! LOL

So, this weekend I’m riding tomorrow hopefully an adrenaline ride with jumping even though I’m not in the best shape and then we’re taking the horses to the beach Sunday for a beach ride before Florida throws itself into swamp climate.

NEEDING CAT ADVICE ALSO: Qui is my world ya’ll know this. But.... I’m starting to wonder if I should get him a pal. Now I worry about this bc he’s generally seemingly very happy and has a very funny and sweet personality. But sometimes I get home from work and I am EXHAUSTED so I feel bad I can’t play w/ him and end up going to bed. He still seems happy and sleeps w/ me but I feel SO. BAD. that maybe he needs a pal. I also worry it may change his personality if the other cat and him don’t get along. :( Thoughts? Can cats be happy alone?

TGIF! What are your weekend plans?? How was your week?

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