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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Fuck It Friday

TGIF ya’ll! So I’ve been having trouble playing with the idea of getting QuiQue a buddy and it seems to be 50/50 for now on yes/no for several reasons. A big deterrent is another pet deposit tacked on of $300 non-refundable. My lease ends in July so Qui and I will be moving to somewhere closer to work to reduce tolls on highways. A cousin of mine who is a vet in Sweden said cats are not like us that get super lonely/depressed and can be totally okay being alone as it is their domain/territory and many times, when introduced to another, one or the other or both can end up resenting each other. That worries me a lot bc overall Qui’s tail is always straight up which I’ve read is a happy sign. His eyes are always curious/bright, and he’s always in a friendly mood with me (until I have to take him inside from his walk). I try to be social with him as much as I can when I’m at home and he sleeps next to me every night and I’m worried that all might change if I introduce someone new. :( Sorry I’ve just been toying with this because work has picked up so I feel guilty. I know he’s in a good home/not on the streets and is spoiled rotten so that gives me some comfort.


Also went to see Iliza Schelzinger (spelling?) last weekend who was freaking hilarious - but one guy in our group who I don’t know kept being all feely-touchy. We went to dinner before and all packed into a booth and he would laugh and squeeze my shoulder or knee. UGH dude NO. 

Anyhooooooo, how are ya’ll doing?

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