Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

FRIDAY! Oh my GOD we had MORE layoffs yesterday on our immediate team. One guy who’s been here for over a decade got called at 9am to HR and came back white as a ghost. It was horrible. HORRIBLE. Especially gutting since others who were not cut are just garbage people in their characters and he was genuinely a really good person. Humble, thoughtful, generous, sincere. And some others are ego-fueled and I’ve heard have already asked to take his window spot. Assholes. People who have only been here 8 months even. Um NO that will go to another GOOD person who has been here longer than 5 years, douche. We have calls all day today about what happened. This is the second time this year and the last in Oct. last year so things are not looking...good.

Just trying to throw myself into work.

Still considering getting little Qui a mate. He’s much better after his first UTI. Got him on Clavamox. May take a look at the SPCA this weekend where I adopted him for a mini-mate. Hoping he may be gentle with a smaller one?


How was your week? What do you have going on this weekend?

On the man front, the guy who talked to me on an app for SIX MONTHS - who then talked about poly-(ester?) invited me to tacos last night so I went and he only talked mostly about wanting me to try a stock app (OH.MY.GOD.) it was SO fucking boring. He totally switched to friend mode (I guess it’s called friend-zone to my old ass) which makes him not as interesting anymore. Before on the apps when he was pouring his heart out to me about life/talking/communicating over chat, he was a totally different person. Not this stoney weirdo now that I can’t even be myself with.

Went on another date w/ another app guy to see Bad Boys 3 which I was really excited about. Until I saw it. It was SO much worse than BB2, which I LOVED LOVED LOVED. But Will and Martin still have cute chemistry as besties.

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