Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Friday Friday Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Work Fuck It: FUCK coworkers who blatantly copy your shit. A designer (the one I loathe who sits directly next to me and her cube looks like a god damn hoarder lives there - desk covered in shit) grabbed my file and a piece of artwork in my file and put it in her cover design option as an element and showed it on our call. So...you’re too fucking lazy to make your own shit. I swear to god if her concept gets chosen, I will let her boss know part of that was from my custom work. Luckily, they are leaning toward my concept but this just makes me loathe her more. Zero work ethic.


Dating Fuck It: I think I’m done with apps for a while. In my town they are abysmal. I can’t tell you now how many I’ve matched with who are ‘in town passing through’ which they don’t put on their profile so you just learn it later on. Sigh.

How was your week? Weekend plans?

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