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Fuck It Friday

Gif: Henri the Cat

Helloooooooo, Friday. You kind of came a bit fast this week it seems but maybe it’s because I’ve been kind of numb with the current state of Cheeto’s ramblings/inaccuracies/interview about death rates on the HBO special, him telling the owner of TikTok to sell OR ELSE!...maybe that’s why! How are you guys? Sometimes I feel like Evelyn Couch from Fried Green Tomatoes (one of the best movies of ALL. TIME.) FUCK IT ALL! TOWANDA!

Gif: Fried Green Tomatoes

At this point, what are some things that could happen that wouldn’t even phase you? For me, I told someone it was aliens. I’d invite some in for coffee and some biscuits, tell them it tastes better to dip the biscuit IN the coffee, but their taste buds might be a little different.


I’ve had a 3 month old kitten staying with QuiQue and I for a week - Pickles - and he is every bit of cute energy ball as Qui was as a kitten. Qui lets him pummel him, sugar glide onto him from the couch. I’m just in awe of his patience. Pickles has to go home tomorrow and I know it will be bittersweet. It was a great time to see how Qui was and he was every bit of a sweetheart as I was anticipating. I want to thank everyone for their tips about introducing them. I did the closed door method and allowed them to touch paws/smell one another the first day. The first meet was so nerve-racking bc they kept booping noses and I was hoping not one would bite/scratch but they were very careful and then the playing just happened immediately.

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Photo: QuiQue and Pickles

How was your week? Weekend plans?

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