Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Happy Friday! Sorry this is late - was traveling for a few hours and just arrived with QuiQue at my parents place for the long weekend. He was overjoyed to be out of the car after 3 hours but now totally confused why there is a dog in the house. Sister just got a new dog (a very sweet min-pin) who is terrified of everything. So QuiQue is now trying to get to know him and he’s having none of it lol. Fortunately for me, I just discovered the freezer is stocked with ice cream which I desperately need after this hellacious week.

So for the fuck its - FUCK completely disorganized upper management who allow others to be creative directors who are not - thus causing cluster after cluster and now some of us designers have to work over the weekend to un-fuck their decisions.


FUCK my thyroid also. I saw my endo last week and she put me on a low Unithroid dose (I have NO idea how to say that out loud) to boost my TSH hormones. Has anyone had experience on this med?

I’m hoping you guys have something fun or relaxing to do this weekend! :)

How was your week? What are the plans for tonight/weekend?

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