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Fuck it Friday, fuck my father.

So my mom just left to take my brother and his roommate back to school. They're going from South Central PA to outside the Boston area, so the cheapest and safest option is actually to take them to Port Authority in NYC tomorrow morning. She's staying at my grandmother's tonight.

I have the flu so I couldn't go with her, meaning I'm stuck at home with my father. Those of you following along at home know that didn't work real well last time. I also have the flu. I can't really leave the house. I need caffeine - I have a problem, I know - if I don't get some soon I will have a caffeine migraine on top of the flu. I told my dad we needed that and he said okay well I'm not doing that. Also this morning our cable and internet got shut off because he didn't pay the bill - not that we didn't have enough money, he just didn't do it. And I know he knew he needed to do it, because he told my uncle on the way home from Christmas that it was supposed to get shut off on Christmas. I reminded him to do it yesterday and he just didn't.

I would go out and get stuff myself (I also need saltines and medicine) but our car isn't very reliable and the last thing I want is to be stuck in a parking lot somewhere while the car won't turn on. Also, this is super selfish but I spent all day yesterday cooped up in my dusty room and now I'm hanging out with my youngest brother downstairs and I know as soon as I leave my house he will lie on the couch and watch The Office for 6 hours and I'll be trapped in my dusty room which makes my allergies act up and I will feel even sicker.


I know this is all self-indulgent whining and I'm sorry but I'm sick. My Mommy's not home. My dad won't take care of me. Mr. Toad isn't coming until Jan 8th. I just want someone to take care of me. What the fuck is wrong with him?

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