I just got a letter in the mail from my landlord about the two months rent that we owe them. The two months rent, that as a tenant, I have the right to withhold until repairs that were requested are made to my apartment. BOY DID THEIR OFFICE VOICEMAIL GET AN EARFUL.

My bathroom ceiling has been leaking for almost a year above the bathtub. We've email, called, reported it to 311β€”and our management company HAS DONE NOTHING except ignore the problem. The best part of this letter is that "if the funds aren't received in 5 days from receipt of this notice" they will begin the process of "getting the premises back" from us. To them, I say:

I may or may not have said, "You won't see a dime of that money" in the voicemail I left.

I have put up with too much shit from these people. From the fact that my bedroom ceiling fell at one point due to them not fixing a leak when I asked, to another room having water damage from the person above us not putting their air conditioner in THE WAY A NORMAL FUCKING PERSON WOULD. The woman above me is a real piece of work. Now they want to play this game? Well, guess fucking what? Y'ALL CAN HAVE YOUR FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT APARTMENT.