Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Had a massive presentation this morning and I did not die - sorry for the late post! Has anyone had the craziest week of the year? I think I just did. With multiple offices asking for insane deadlines, stress with a family member, and bad sleep. :(

QuiQue has been a good stress relief and I think he knew? the other day when I got home what a bad day I had because he curled up into my lap and just passed out.


Also, Hawaii jerk-o finally took his stuff he left at my place - I put it on my front porch and he swung by and grabbed it - this is after he texted me a few days ago letting me know he wanted them (okay) then proceeded to randomly talk about his bad day, which segued into some serious sexist comments (how he only works with men - he’s an engineer - because ‘women are inefficient and cause too many problems.’ How his Mom ‘is an annoying broad’ and then how there is a group of men out there who are trying to create women robots to have kids so they don’t ‘have to deal with women’s bullshit’) I THINK he was drinking when he told me all this because it was a cluster of this random sexist shit that I was like WOW. BULLET. DODGED. You’re stuff will be on the porch kthxBAI.

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