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First the neighbor’s dog and then the friend’s dbag husband. So I’m dogsitting for a neighbor who I know doesn’t do jack shit with their boxer mix. Sweet dog, around 5 years old, no training at all. Dog isn’t walked because apparently he tries to poop the entire time. Yes, call bullshit on that. Because it’s bullshit (I walked the dog just fine). Anyways, I asked the neighbor how often the dog gets let out. I mean, on weekends I have my dog out every 4-6 hours (not counting overnight), but I wanted to know if there was a specific schedule of when the dog usually did dog bathroom stuff. Response I got - every 12 hours. Yeah, that dog gets let out twice a day. That’s it. My neighbor was out of a job and home all day for 4 months, and no change. I mean, it’s not like he is at work 12 hours or something. He’s just fucking lazy with that dog. Fuck that, I’m letting that dog out every 4-6 hours.

Y’all, I bitch a lot about a friend’s husband. A few of you very astutely pointed out that this was a bitch eating crackers kind of thing with me. And you’re right.

HOWEVER the latest thing is that they are mad they are expected to have insurance for their baby. It’s not that they can’t afford it. They just think it’s unfair to them that they are expected to have it. And they don’t want to do anything besides visits when the baby is really sick. No vaccines, no check ups, no discussing missing developmental milestones, etc. NOPE. According to him, people are hurt by preventive care, and clearly none of us understand economics.


He thinks they’ll just be able to see if anything is wrong enough to need medical care. When it was pointed out to them that a lot of stuff needs to be caught early because it can be treated better that way, it was time for him to double down. Of course he’ll be able to know if anything is wrong, like if the kid wants sugar all the time because the kid has diabetes or something.

It was pointed out to them that they had like 9 months to figure this insurance thing out prior to the kid being born. See, they are both on medicare and they just assumed magically the baby would be covered (without needing to do any paperwork, make any phone calls, etc). And medicare doesn’t cover dependents (since it wasn’t set up for that... it’s called a google search, you jackwagon) And evil Obummer is making everyone have insurance and that’s not fair. So now he’s bitching about having to do the medicaid paperwork. Even though “they can afford it” they are doing medicaid.

Anyhoo, that facebook thread devolved into name calling. I showed admirable restraint and did not do any of the name-calling, although I was called several names. It was actually quite funny after a while. I’m unfollowing though, because let’s face it, I have no reason besides masochism to keep seeing the posts.

Feel free to comment on any of your fuck it Friday gripes!

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