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Welcome To The Bitchery

Fuck It Friday (+ OT)

Gif: Grumpy

GOOOOOOOD Friday morning, patriots! Happy Pre-Independence Day!

What are ya’ll plans for this weekend? I’ll just dive right in.

FUCK NON-MASK WEARERS! PUT YA DAMN MASK ON! UGH. We really can see who are selfish now and who really do care about others as ‘we’ not ‘me’. I just can’t with the civil liberty rights taken away. HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE?! It’s a fucking pandemic, Chip. It’s not going to be forever. It inconveniences EVERYONE BUT JUST DO IT. UGH. They have to be treated like toddlers in time out. And here in the worst state, FL, (of course), they have closed the beaches and all parks near me bc of assholes like this who refuse to be decent people and help flatten it again. People, it will go away FASTER if you follow instructions. You are just prolonging this.

Gif: Mean Girls

Also I moved into mah new place and have been nesting like a frantic bird bc I’m one of those neurotics who want to get it ALL DONE LIKE NOW. But I have to take a breath and focus just on one room at a time so I don’t overwhelm myself.

Gif: Bird

Qui has found his spot by a window where he sleeps while I work which has been sweet. I’ll have to get him a nice flat cushion bc I have just a towel there now. I saw a BBQ 4th pet shirt at PetSmart so he’ll be in FFF in it today, BBQ-ready.

Gif: bulldog

How was your week? I hope your state is much more mature and less-moronic than mine. What’s going on for the weekend?

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