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Fuck It Friday (+ OT)

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Morning, ya’ll. Whoooooo boy - we already even have our Tropical “F” Storm of the year - super, super early and not sure but down here, meteorologists have predicted an active hurricane season because OF. COURSE. Here is Fay in all it’s churning glory heading up north so if it skirts any of you guys pls be safe.

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How was your week going? So... I just have to say...FUCK my previous company I was able to leave earlier this year - my best friend is still there (trying to leave also this year) and they just announced on a company-wide call yesterday in corporate-speak (and would not answer any questions in human-speak) that there will be ANOTHER “Reorg” and “Restructure) in October. That would make it the THIRD layoff wave (bc we all know that means layoffs) in under ONE. YEAR. Last Oct they laid off 300 people. With Covid - it’s understandable. But the last two waves happened pre-covid so they are fearing even more. Sigh.

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I am also going to say FUCK ALL OF THE NON-MASK WEARERS and those using that bullshit “It’s my constitutional right”. WOW. So does that mean stores that say, “Shirts, shoes required” also means they are taking away your constitutional rights go walk in with dirty ass bare feet? Because logic FAIL people. Holy shit we are in a pandemic. It’s more just mortifying at this point that friends of mine overseas are like, “Umm what is wrong with you guys and fighting to not wear masks? It helps your fellow people.” I can’t even come up with an answer but right now we look like the world’s Florida. So glad MOST of us seem to be horrified by this but the idiots of course are the loudest/throwing brat attacks every chance they get. And it’s clear they didn’t pay ANY attention in their Science/Bio classes. There was one lady boasting about being a teacher spewing that rhetoric on a local Facebook community chat saying ‘it’s the flu - I have the best immune system’. I mean at this point they all say the same shit. Then go to a fucking island and go teach some coconuts there and stay away from us, mk?

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How was your week and weekend? How’s work going and what are you guys doing to stay sane if working from home? Our company has extended our WFH until December so ... I’m not sure how QuiQue feels about that. :)

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