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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Fuck It Friday + OT

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Good morning, ya’ll! How’s Friday morning treating you so far? I had a flood in my backyard last week so I had to pack QuiQue and I up and bring ourselves to some family down south for now until it gets fixed. We’ve been having INSANE storms and downpours. Last night around 8 a lightning storm rolled through and the lights flickered. Like something out of a scary movie, my Spotify turned on my laptop SUPER loud and we were like WTF IS THAT?! Weird times keep happening. I’ve been trying to stay as sane as possible but do any of you feel like more on edge, irritable, almost hopeless feeling sometimes? More so that I talked to a friend up in Canada and they are doing pretty amazing up there. He’s like, “yeah you guys aren’t a good look right now.” And I wanted to cry bc it’s not ALL of us. But is there an end in sight for us? That’s the anxious thoughts that hit me around bedtime sometimes and make it hard to sleep. FUCK anxiety from this pandemic brought on by so many who refuse to believe how science and viruses work and listen to medical experts.

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How was your week? What’s going on in your world? 

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