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Fuck it. I give up.

So my coworker and I got into a fight the other day where he yelled and cussed at me in front of a bunch of customers. The reason? It got busy right after I walked off the bar for my break.

I work an 8 hour shift. My shift ends at 2. Normally I don't get to take a break until midnight, when the customer traffic slows down. I always ALWAYS notify someone when I'm walking off the bar for any reason other than restocking, and wait until the bar traffic has slowed to a crawl before I go on break.


This past Sunday I did what I usually do, and sat in a room away from the bar and talked to the sound guy. When I came back my coworker asked to talk to me as he was making drinks. He wanted me to take my breaks after 1am from now on. That is 7 hours without a break (meanwhile he, who arrives at work later than I do) steps off the bar for at least 2 smoke breaks in 4 hours. He uses these smoke breaks to canoodle with girls. Technically, me not taking a break in the middle of my shift is illegal and asking me to wait any longer or break up my 30 minutes into tiny pieces is also illegal. I told him this and he got mad.

"I'm not pressuring you!" He yelled. "As soon as you off the bar it gets busy."

Honestly? The fact that my absence triggers an avalance of customers is not my business, especially because there are three people on shift. Two veteran employees can handle customers for 30 minutes. Hell, I can handle it with only one other coworker, and I'm relatively new!

I kept repeating "No. It's illegal. What you're asking me to do is illegal." And he kept raising his voice, accusing me of being selfish. Finally he said "YOU'RE SCREWING US OVER, KORRA! YOU WANT TO SCREW OVER YOUR COWORKERS, FINE!!!" And he stomped off and refused to talk to me for the rest of the evening. He slammed glasses, rushed past me, almost opened the sharp edge of the cash register on me, and didn't even say goodbye when I told him I was leaving. The next day he came in for a drink and ignored me.

I told one of the supervisors about what happened, and you know what he said? Fuck that guy. You deserve a break during your long-ass shift. That was really inappropriate to not pull you aside and discuss it like an adult. He always does that- throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way and he has a real problem with women. He's the reason Jezebel was created.


Unfortunately this supervisor doesn't have any power to discipline people, but he said he'd talk to the other supervisors and get back to me on what to do.

Yesterday my boss pulled me aside and chastised me for being inconsiderate of my other coworkers. Apparently my coworker went to him but embellished the story in his favor, leaving out the part where he yelled at me and making it seem like I walked off while it was super busy and gave no fucks for anyone. He told me it would be best if, when I took my break, I could get back on shift as soon as it was busy and maybe take the rest of it later if it cleared up in time. Honestly, this is not the first time he's approached me about this—the owner accused me of doing the same, but that time was an outright lie and I defended myself semi-successfully.


This time though? I kind of feel like giving up. I'm exhausted. I hate all the bullshit that goes on at work: how the customers are allowed to cuss us out and treat us like shit, how the manager blows up at us behind when we're overwhelmed with traffic, how the owner - who doesn't believe in soap- is a corrupt asslord who tries to spread rumors about you to keep you perpetually afraid of being fired. How pointing out that I should not be pressured to do something even more illegal than what I'm actually doing is not treated as a valid point.

The supervisor said he'd talk to the manager for me, but I doubt anything will come of it. I doubt I'll get an apology from anyone. I don't doubt I'll be pressured again.


At least our healthcare plan doesn't require a monthly payment, otherwise I'd split. It's just too much drama.

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