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I really, really have no patience for idiocy today. I can usually manage polite diplomacy but all wells of diplomacy have dried up today before the week even started.

I work in account management. And some idiot decided that we should be the ones responsible to discuss invoice details etc with our customers. No. Just no. This is not my area, I don’t want it to be my area and it prevents me from doing work I am actually measured on. Related: I am not a project manager. I am bad at project management, which is why I am not working as one. Do not make me responsible for timely delivery of projects, it will only end in tears. Neither am I the right person to check whether project managers have done their job: that is their teamleads job, I do not have authority over them and they do not report to me. If you want to make me responsible, turn me into a team lead and pay me more. Way more.


What are your early in the week gripes?

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