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Can we have one of these? Because I’m so mad I’m about to start flipping tables. Grad school rant ahead:

So, I had a class last quarter where the ONLY grade we would receive is the final exam. It was a take-home open-book exam (I know, I KNOW, don’t get me started) that was to be emailed to the professor (at his work email, which by the way was the email at his full-time job because he’s a visiting professor.) by the due date. Which I did, four days BEFORE the exam was due.

Cut to today, nearly a month later, AT 7:30 PM THE DAY GRADES ARE DUE TO THE REGISTRAR, and he emails me to tell me he never received my final exam AND that I didn’t participate in the class discussions so he thought I was auditing the class or something. I was like BITCH I SENT IT TO YOU BEFORE IT WAS DUE READ YOUR FUCKING EMAILS LOOK IT’S RIGHT HERE IN MY FUCKING “SENT” FOLDER ADDRESSED TO THE EMAIL IN YOUR INSTRUCTIONS before forwarding the message I sent to him.


Like, holy fucking shit. You’d think that MAYBE 1) he would check that he received an exam from everyone registered for the class by the due date to make sure any issues like this could be rectified, there were only 10 of us, it’s not that hard and 2) maybe don’t have files for a class you’re teaching sent to the same email address you use for your actual job. I’ll bet $1000 my message got lost in the thousands of emails this guy probably gets on a daily basis and got deleted.

Thank Christ I still had that message in my “sent” folder. I emailed my program director right away like

So how’s everyone else’s Thursday going?

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