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Fuck Marvel

Marvel fired a writer named Chuck Wendig.

Chuck Wendig offended the alt-right by writing a gay character into the Star Wars books. Since then they’ve been harassing him non-stop. Naturally, that can wear on a person. Chuck is violently anti-Trump, and posts pretty explicit and terrible things about Trump voters.

If Marvel hired him, they knew that was his personality. The vulgarity is all over in his books (I’m a fan of his Miriam Black series). Let’s be honest - they didn’t fire him for being too political or “vulgar.” They fired him because of an intentional harassment campaign by the alt-right and Russian bots.


Companies NEED to stop caving to this bullshit.

And before someone compares the two... this isn’t like Roseanne. Denouncing racists is not the same as being a racist.

Marvel can eat shit.

Sure hope those alt-right bots buy Marvel shit, cause I sure as fuck am not anymore.


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